litany to the many dead

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Field of Dreams and Mirrors

Halloween night, I did my regular ritual, including a brief check-in with my Dead via oracle deck. (I used to do a whole thing for the Dead on Samhain, but the farther into

Ritual Framework for the Litany

Galina Krasskova, after using the Litany for the Many Dead in a group ritual, wrote to me to suggest that it needed a ritual framework. Not everyone who might use it has experience

Deck Ideas

So last night I could NOT sleep, and had one of those times when the ideas come sleeting in and just will not leave me alone, and I have to write everything done.


I know I don't have a huge number of readers, and many of you won't have the Litany, but if you've read it, would you please be so kind as to go give

Explaining the Litany

So I went to Florida for a week. I found myself attempting to explain the Litany to various family members at various times. Some of them shrugged and didn't try to understand, but