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Someone else at Many Gods West had the name Rebecca (although it's not her use-name in pagan/polytheist circles) and works with yarn and thread. She made a connection for me I'd somehow

Memorable Quotes from MGW

reposted from eupheme-butterfly Here are the memorable quotes, devoid of all context, from my time with the Bakcheion ritual team at Many Gods West a few weeks ago: Alternate meanings for the acronym

The Satyr Game

I haven’t done group ritual in years, so I haven’t had cause to remember it for some time, but this came up at the Filled With Frenzy bebakcheumenion ritual at Many

Exhaustion After Frenzy

Wow. I'm home from Many Gods West, and completely exhausted. I spent the entire weekend completely focused on the ritual, and on the preparatory and finishing rituals our group did for ourselves. The

Many Gods West prep

Sorry I've been absent this week, I've been working my butt off on stuff for the upcoming Many Gods West. Now it's almost here. In an hour, I go to pick up the