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Theater Masks

Silenos as Comedy and Pentheus as Tragedy. And check out these awesome Shakespeare commemorative £2 coins. Gorgeous!

Halloween Sneks!

Warning: Snakes <a href=> Malefisnek <a href=

A Purple Mask

I want to work on shaping masks once they're off the loom. I wasn't entirely happy with the shapes of the ghost masks, although they work ok for ghosts, which are often a

Woozy Notes

Cotton spinning continues to go reasonably well, although I definitely have better and worse days. I can now do the long draw magic trick about one time in three. One other time in

A Project Day

All the things I did today. The wool and silk aren't dry yet, so they won't look quite the same when they are. Today, I woke up at the positively absurd (for me)

Ghost Masks

I continue to think about what I want to do for my ancestor shrine. I think I'm starting to get a handle on it. Greek ancestor veneration seems to have largely been focused