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Necromantic Mirror

(I started to write this entry at the beginning of March, and got distracted.) Back in January, I got this mirror off Ebay (which is where that photo is from, I never took

Field of Dreams and Mirrors

Halloween night, I did my regular ritual, including a brief check-in with my Dead via oracle deck. (I used to do a whole thing for the Dead on Samhain, but the farther into

Ghost Stories

The literary ghost story is, alas, a nearly dead (if I may be excused the pun) form in the US. Ghost stories are short things to tell around campfires to scare kids, and,

The Curved Mirror

I have a pendant that my brother gave me fifteen years ago, during his fundamentalist Christian phase. That’s significant because it’s a triskel, which was the symbol I used to for

August is Coming

August is Coming For full effect, imagine that like the “Winter is Coming” thing from the Martin series/show. This is how ominous it seems on the horizon. I rather expect that when