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August 2020, post the first

I didn't do my usual August-is-coming-and-I'm-dreading-it posts this year. I'm find that I mind August less and less. The weather this year hasn't been awful, for one thing, but also, I think the

Plague Journal 4

The star prayers are about an inch deep in the jar now. I should get a picture. Still waiting for the Bramble suckers to get long enough to make the frame for the

Plague Journal 3

My stones and bones have arrived! The wild turkey vertebrae are nicely pointy and knobbly and weird, and the hag stones are excellent. The stone nearest the center I've already made into a

Sharkskin and Baby Fat

For the Art is Anathema challenge, Week 3: "Even the monster was once a dear child." Baby Lamia: The feet came out rather more flippery than I actually meant, but I'm

Empousa, who follows behind

clop-clank, clop-clank, clop-clank Behind you, on the road. What is that sound? When you look, there’s nothing there, but still, the sound follows you. clop-clank, clop-clank, clop-clank Slowly, slowly it gets closer