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God Nights

A new practice I've been working on taking up is having designated nights where I make offerings to and contemplate one of the gods with whom I am most involved. A night for

The Labyrinth is a Cocoon

Last night, I had bad insomnia. I’d taken a sleeping pill, and then another half, but nothing was working, so I had a snack and some chocolate milk with just a bit

Connections and Webs

I've seen several other polytheist types referring to "following the thread" as a sort of meditation or devotional practice by means of starting with some relevant web page and following link

Meditating On Chthonic Myths

I got in an hour's worth of spinning today, with less wasted than yesterday's half-hour. I was listening to Hadestown, a "folk opera" of the story of Orpheus and Eurydice, written

Pharaoh's Chicken Spins

Photo by Kousik Nandy, found on Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike This lovely creature is an Egyptian Vulture, sometimes known as Pharaoh's Chicken, which was a symbol of the Pharaohs of the