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Plague Journal 5

This has been sitting open with only a title for a week. I keep forgetting and remembering and forgetting again what I was going to say. I've started practicing Gorgonas chanting and drumming

Necromantic Mirror

(I started to write this entry at the beginning of March, and got distracted.) Back in January, I got this mirror off Ebay (which is where that photo is from, I never took

Out, Kares, Anthesteria is over!

And wow, what a ride! Long post ahead! For Pithoigia, the first night of Anthesteria, I opened the new wine (instead of a new vintage, I went with a wine that was new

Undead Spiders

Just before I try to sleep, drugged and out of it, I run across this gem on twitter: The necromancer's undead spiders built ghost webs, to catch loose bits of souls. When there's