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Linkspam from Beyond the Grave

I used to do occasional linkspam posts. I think I'll take it up again. Maybe I'll start posting them Fridays, as weekend reading suggestions. Where There's a Will, There's a Ghost on Strange

Instead of Luminaria

I love luminaria -- the little paper bags that you burn candles inside for parties and things -- but am always worried they'll tip over and catch fire. These seem like a good

Neat thing

A tiny travel altar to Dionysos, inside an Altoids tin and made to look innocuous, with matches, candle, salt, empty tea light tin for libations, image of the god, and amethyst stone. The

Tablet-Woven Accents

Note to self, because it will be too easy to lose this link: Tablet-Woven Accents for Designer Fabrics: Contemporary Uses for Ancient Techniques by Inge Dam Oooooo, the possibilities. Of course, first I

Brief note to self

Votive offerings: Breakables Burnables Edibles Salt dough, air-dry clay, papier mache clay, beeswax, felted wool, almond paste, maybe even chocolate Pigs, bulls, sheep, horses, dogs, what else? More consideration when there's money for