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Kala Anthesteria!

Anthesteria has begun, the three-day celebration of wine, sex and death! Hooray! Tonight, the opening of the new wine, and a revel with the Dead, plus various kinds of work (including writing a

Back At Keyboard

Hi there. Been a while. My server, which is maintained by my wife, got royally messed up, and the whole thing was down for about ten months. Sorry to anybody who missed me,

Notes while ramping up fast

I'm sorry I've been so absent. This quarter has just about knocked me over already, and we're only three weeks in. I'm taking three classes. SQL, .Net programming, and Web Authoring. I'm already

Linkspam from Beyond the Grave

I used to do occasional linkspam posts. I think I'll take it up again. Maybe I'll start posting them Fridays, as weekend reading suggestions. Where There's a Will, There's a Ghost on Strange


The internet's out again, and I'm getting ready to leave town in the morning for a religious retreat. So really out. I'd meant to do a write up of this coordinated effort to

Things I have missed...

...doing, showing or talking about, while I was without internet at home. It's back now, at least intermittently. I have missed telling y'all about: The death of my own laptop (now I have