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Over at Little Red Tarot, I found this post with a challenge to create one oracle deck card per day from March 1-March 30 to make a unique new deck, and to post

Nietzschemanteion in the New Year

Some friends of mine have created the Nietzschemanteion, a bibliomantic oracle based on the works of Friedrich Nietzsche. I was given a hardcopy of it, an attractive little booklet. For those unfamiliar with

The Tarot of the Tailors

Going through a box in my garage the other day, I found a little paper-wrapped packet labeled Tarot of the Tailors. Not immediately remembering it -- it had been in that box for

Excellent Things

The mail has been very kind to me the past couple of days. First, the Earthbound Oracle deck arrived. I'd wanted to get a tarot deck with my pocket money this month, but

More Charmcasting blogging

5/4/15 - May the Fourth be with you. 7:20pm Playing with chalking not only the querent-figure, but realms. Not sure yet what they all mean, but we'll get there. I