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Back At Keyboard

Hi there. Been a while. My server, which is maintained by my wife, got royally messed up, and the whole thing was down for about ten months. Sorry to anybody who missed me,

No, Really

The topic of racism is apparently a hot one in pagan and polytheist circles. Again. Somebody posted something nasty enough that I can't read it, and somebody else posted in opposition, and then

Gods and Radicals

Gods and Radicals, a new site discussing paganism and anti-capitalism and other forms of radicalism, is up and running, and off to a great start with Jason Pitzl's discussion of respectability politics in

Oh, Fuck That

In the wake of the whole Kenny Klein shitstorm, it came out that the Florida Pagan Gathering was giving workshop space to Gavin and Yvonne Frost of the Church and School of Wicca,

WTF, Pagan Community?

Apparently, some guy I never heard of, Kenny Klein, has confessed — let me repeat that, confessed — to several dozen counts of possession of child pornography. And because he’s some sort of Big