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Plague Journal 1

I'm going to try to start journaling here again. People are saying we should be keeping records of what we do during the pandemic for future historians. Also it's just good practice. Catch

Back At Keyboard

Hi there. Been a while. My server, which is maintained by my wife, got royally messed up, and the whole thing was down for about ten months. Sorry to anybody who missed me,

Notes while ramping up fast

I'm sorry I've been so absent. This quarter has just about knocked me over already, and we're only three weeks in. I'm taking three classes. SQL, .Net programming, and Web Authoring. I'm already

Evil Laugh

This is something I made a while ago with a friend of mine. I thought I'd post it.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, and TDOR

I love birthdays, especially mine. Not because of doing anything special for them, although that's nice, but because it means I survived another year, which is a big deal to me as someone