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Alphabelt Part II

I've gotten behind on documenting this, so here's a bunch of pictures. Work on the Alphabelt continues! Quite swiftly, even. I can get three or four letters done a day, as long as

The Alphabelt Begins!

Since I want to do woven bands with Greek lettering, I need a reliable pattern for those letters. To work that out, I'm doing a band with the entire Greek alphabet, which will

Trouble with Keys

I've really been wanting to find or make a Greek key pattern for weaving. It looks like it should be perfect for bar pickup, yeah? So I snagged an image of the design,

Baltic Pickup DIO Band

Being me, I could not bear to use any of the not-actually-all-that-awesome patterns in the one book I have, so I set out to learn two or three skills at once: Reading a

First Pickup

I mentioned in the post on Inklings that I was starting to learn pickup techniques. Well, here's my first try at it: The colors came out maybe a little more Andes Candies than