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The Little Aconite That Could

The Little Aconite That Could

So I like growing plants in my ritual room. One of the windows gets decent light, and it's nice to fill that window with morning glories. Last year, I tried growing a small

Morning Glories and Marigolds

My net's still out, but here's a quick post. The morning glories and marigolds are growing beautifully. The morning glories are blooming almost every day, sometimes multiple blooms. The marigolds haven't bloomed yet,


It's spring, and I've actually managed to plant some things. Marigolds, morning glories and moonflower vine on the windowsill in the ritual room, and lemon balm in the planter on the balcony. I

Moonflower Vines

Moonflower Vines Sorry, folks, really depressed and mired in upsetting crap. Posts coming about the Fates and Penelope, eventually, when I can write them. In the mean time, look, my moonflowers blossomed, and

Morning Glories

They just make me happy. My sleep’s been very disturbed lately, and I’m basically nocturnal, no matter what I try. None of my sleep meds are working. So I was on

Blackberry Journal, plus Alrauns

I mentioned before that I might try developing a relationship with the invasive blackberry in my yard as a baneful plant. Well, this morning, when I woke up after not enough sleep and