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For Ruth Bader Ginsberg

We pray to the Just Dead You who sought justice in life Devoting your lives to balancing scales May you know the peace of the righteous We pray to the Just Dead

Saying No and Saying Yes

<a href=>Catherynne Valente went back to Fairyland in the wake of the election. “The first magic anyone learns is saying No,” purred the Leopard of Little Breezes. “It’s how


Sorry, folks, expect posts to be a bit thin on the ground for a while. I'm heartsick, terrified, and depressed, hurting too bad to write much. I posted this to facebook, which my

Gods and Radicals

Gods and Radicals, a new site discussing paganism and anti-capitalism and other forms of radicalism, is up and running, and off to a great start with Jason Pitzl's discussion of respectability politics in

Political Body as Magical Body

It occurred to me recently that people who are othered -- women, PoC, queer people, trans people, fat people, disabled people, and all the rest of us who are not the "default&

Mountain Momma

I’ve been keeping away from discussing the poisoning of the water in West Virginia, largely because it hurts me. My father is from Huntington. I still have relatives there, although only one