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Plague Journal 1

I'm going to try to start journaling here again. People are saying we should be keeping records of what we do during the pandemic for future historians. Also it's just good practice. Catch


I'm shaking up my daily practice for the first time in many years. Now that I'm working a day job, with daylight hours and often rising before dawn, morning prayers are hard to

My Polytheism Redux

Now that I got some essential bits of political folderol out of the way, let me talk more about #mypolytheism. My polytheism is all wrapped up in death and the Dead. And in

My Polytheism

My polytheism is my own damn business. Your polytheism is your own damn business. #mypolytheism is a thing now, apparently. Polytheists speaking up about what polytheism means to them. That's cool. I went

Beginning a regular practice

(Part 3 in an ongoing series. Part 1, Part 2.) I hope by now you've chosen an element of worship to start your practice with, whether that's prayer, offering or contemplation. Maybe you've

Beginning to Do More

(part two in an ongoing series; part one is here) One of the problems with so many books on basic paganism is, I think, that they don't start with worship, they start with