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Drawing Again

Drawing Again

I'm doing #Drawtober this year, I think. Not an everyday prompt, but five multiday prompts, which lets me have some room to breathe. Here's a few from the first few days, plus a


I'm shaking up my daily practice for the first time in many years. Now that I'm working a day job, with daylight hours and often rising before dawn, morning prayers are hard to

Hymn to Silenos

I pray to Silenos Noble drunkard, wise fool, Wild man of the woods, Foster-father to the Bacchic One. Horse-eared and horse-tailed, You ride your ass through the revels, Dispensing inebriated philosophy, As wise

On Prayer

Sannion has a post up on the importance and various uses of prayer. It's a good piece, and important to Starry Bull practice. He talks about why and when it's important to pray,

Witch's Ladders

There was some discussion in the Bacchic Underground about prayer beads, so I hauled out a few sets of my old witch's ladders to show off. I could only find three of them,