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Plague Journal 1

I'm going to try to start journaling here again. People are saying we should be keeping records of what we do during the pandemic for future historians. Also it's just good practice. Catch

Evil Laugh

This is something I made a while ago with a friend of mine. I thought I'd post it.

The Pun in Hex.Ink

There is one. Do you see it? I'll give you a hint. It's the same pun the venerable Sir Terry Pratchett used when he named the Discworld's first thinking engine. Any ideas? I

Notes 'n' bits 'n' bits 'n' bits

Sannion tells us that Fufluns was the Etruscan name for the wine god, who was presumably syncretized with Bacchus and Dionysos. What an adorable name! And so much fun to say! Fufluns Fufluns

Project Notes: Rainbow Blanket 2

I may not have been blogging this week, but I have been weaving. LOTS of little triangles. That's thirty, but there are more now, that haven't been stitched into the chain. I (obviously)

Programming Divination

Today it occurred to me, while I was worrying about money, that hey, I probably knew enough Ruby now to write a script that would generate the fifteen geomantic figures for a chart.