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Teneriffe Lace

This August, I picked up a new craft, Teneriffe Lace. Teneriffe (occasionally known as Polka Spider Lace in the US, and by many other names across the world) is made by taking a

Akoites and Melampos, part 2

The Akoites and Melampos Project, part 2 Where'd I leave off, anyhow? I'm writing this offline, don't have access to what I wrote before. Also slightly under the influence of both dark cherry

Akoites and Melampos, part 1

A friend has commissioned me to make dolls of two Starry Bull heroes, Akoites and Melampos. Akoites was the captain of the pirate ship that kidnapped the young Dionysos and planned to sell

Greek Key Belt

112 inches, including the braids, Greek key design in red, white and black. I had to weave it in two sections to get the length I wanted. It's meant to be a belt

Greek Key 1

I found a simple Greek key pattern for tablet weaving, and decided to give it a try. It came out pretty well. I did end up having to alternate directions, because of the