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Pattern Sampler

Project notes for miscellaneous patterns Tarot of the Tailors card: The Tool: Good fortune with tools, especially mechanized ones. Materials: Background: 14/2 Euroflax linen in Emerald Pattern: 3/2 pearl cotton in

Sharkskin and Baby Fat

For the Art is Anathema challenge, Week 3: "Even the monster was once a dear child." Baby Lamia: The feet came out rather more flippery than I actually meant, but I'm

Alphabelt Part II

I've gotten behind on documenting this, so here's a bunch of pictures. Work on the Alphabelt continues! Quite swiftly, even. I can get three or four letters done a day, as long as

The Alphabelt Begins!

Since I want to do woven bands with Greek lettering, I need a reliable pattern for those letters. To work that out, I'm doing a band with the entire Greek alphabet, which will

Project Notes: Rainbow Blanket 2

I may not have been blogging this week, but I have been weaving. LOTS of little triangles. That's thirty, but there are more now, that haven't been stitched into the chain. I (obviously)

Project notes: Rainbow Blanket 1

The math said that 18 - 4" triangles should be 6', but apparently I've mismeasured those triangles, because it came out more like 8'. What? I guess the triangles were already a