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The Aletides, the Hanged Maidens of the Purple Thread, seem to be getting into my head. The Hanging Tree, an Aletides Swingset Aletis Still not-good, but having fun.

The Purple Thread again

I was telling a friend about the Purple Thread over on Dreamwidth, and realized that a) I didn't have a good explanation of the whole shebang here, and that my prayers here are

Teeny Tiny Triangles

Way back April, I talked about the esoteric possibilities of small triangle looms, weaving prayers or spells into small pieces. Well, I finally had a little cash and found a small tri-loom for

Erigone Pendulum

Sannion, talking about developing his divinatory toolkit, mentioned that he was thinking of developing a pendulum divination using a noose or a doll hanged from one, but that he hasn’t done any