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Back to the Rainbow Flag

More than a year after I stopped working on my rainbow flag throw, I'm finally picking it up again. To recap, the idea is, a giant queer rainbow flag throw made up of


Hey, look, new digs! The domain dememe.info was going away, and my wife happened to have an unused domain name that neatly bridges computing and witchcraft references, and she was kind enough

Project Notes: Rainbow Blanket 2

I may not have been blogging this week, but I have been weaving. LOTS of little triangles. That's thirty, but there are more now, that haven't been stitched into the chain. I (obviously)

Project notes: Rainbow Blanket 1

The math said that 18 - 4" triangles should be 6', but apparently I've mismeasured those triangles, because it came out more like 8'. What? I guess the triangles were already a