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Ritual Framework for the Litany

Galina Krasskova, after using the Litany for the Many Dead in a group ritual, wrote to me to suggest that it needed a ritual framework. Not everyone who might use it has experience

Retreat Weekend

This weekend, I went on a Bacchic retreat with a small group of likeminded folks on the Oregon coast. We rented out a house on the beach and spent the days in ritual,

Writing Ritual

So I'm planning a retreat with some friends for this summer, and somehow I and two others got voluntold to write the main ritual. Um. OK. I, at least, have only ever helped

Bachkeion crowdfunding

Bakcheion, the group I'm part of to put together a Bacchic ritual for Many Gods West, is running an Indiegogo campaign to help raise money. Several of us (including me) need money to

Summer Is Icumen In

June isn’t really summer in Seattle. We famously get the “June Gloom” — it’s mostly cool and grey and sometimes drizzly, with one or two days a week of bright sun and

From the Vault: The Mysteries at Eleusis

My friend Literata posted an old piece from 2011, which referenced this old pice of mine. It was originally published at the Slacktiverse, which was Slactivist without the actual Slacktivist, after he moved