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Loosening Up

I’ve been really enjoying the inkle loom, weaving bookmarks for the Bekcheion Indiegogo campaign and the Baltic pickup work. While warping and pickup can be a little frustrating (warping is always frustrating)

Seascape Cocoon Shrug

Oh, hey, project picture post time! This is for a cocoon shrug for my mom, and is the one I talked about in my last post, about the ocean. So, from the most

On Inspiration and Process

What I'm noticing about my process with Saori is this: I start out with an idea in mind. Not a goal, not a plan, but something around which I build the piece. In

Weaving Landscapes (or just curves)

Weaving Landscapes (or just curves) This is something I posted to Ravelry, at the request of a mod who had seen some of the Work In Progess (WIP) pictures. Process post! Someone suggested