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Coan Silk

It turns out that the Classical world had silk, which was not even from China! Instead, there was an Agaean island called Kos (or Cos) that produced silk from the local silk moth,

New spinning project

New spinning project

I recently pulled out my Electric Eel Wheel, a little purple e-spinner I got over a year ago and never really learned to use. I had gotten some pretty blue merino to spin

Blue Cocoons

Having been struck with inspiration, and possibly a fit of hypomania, I stayed up waaaay too late to create a silk cocoon amulet. It's an entire cocoon, dead silkworm still inside (it's part

Silk Spinning Update

Still spinning silk for the Boukolos bracelets for the thiasos of the Starry Bull.These are meant to be twined black, white and red silk, for the priests. I’ve got enough of

The Labyrinth is a Cocoon

Last night, I had bad insomnia. I’d taken a sleeping pill, and then another half, but nothing was working, so I had a snack and some chocolate milk with just a bit