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Round Weaving and Spiderwebs

Weaving spiderwebs came up in one of my communities, so I said I'd do a how-to on weaving circles and spiderwebs. These have lots of magical uses. Spirits traps, woven wards, homes for

Undead Spiders

Just before I try to sleep, drugged and out of it, I run across this gem on twitter: The necromancer's undead spiders built ghost webs, to catch loose bits of souls. When there's

Spinning Cobwebs

But no moonlight. But actual cobwebs. There was, across our front porch, a large and lovely orb web, which I insisted we leave there. Now it is abandoned, and today, heavy with sleep

Spider Time

August, in addition to the dry time and the dead time and all the rest of the things I call it, is spider time. This is when spiders come out and starting spinning

Spider and Silkworm

I have started to work with new spirits lately. They aren’t ones that have sought me out, particularly, but ones whom I have found in my work, and am attempting to build