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Teaching spinning

Tonight I was teaching a friend to spin via video chat, almost a continent away. Her joy as she discovered the scent and feel of wool, the way drafting feels when it's going

New spinning project

New spinning project

I recently pulled out my Electric Eel Wheel, a little purple e-spinner I got over a year ago and never really learned to use. I had gotten some pretty blue merino to spin

Magic of Cloth

On Friday the 13th, a friend I was hanging out with suddenly went, "Oh, hey, there's this Witches' Night Out market tonight. Wanna go?" Well, sure! And I saw some really

Spinning Crocus Colors

In 2013, I was painting some silk hankies (aka mawata, a preparation of silk for spinning in which one stretches single entire cocoons over a square frame to form incredibly thin layers), and

The Fable of the Tuft of Wool

by Rebecca Lynn Scott Once upon a time, there was a mother who had three daughters who quarreled all day long. So she sat them down and handed them each a tuft of


I'm just sort of noodling around creatively lately. I threw a linen and cotton warp on the inkle because I liked the colors, and then decided to test out some patterns for god