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Creating Again

I know no one is reading this any longer. I'm sorry. It's been bad these last few months. I'll crosspost this around for people to see. I am contemplating starting up a small

Spinning Cobwebs

But no moonlight. But actual cobwebs. There was, across our front porch, a large and lovely orb web, which I insisted we leave there. Now it is abandoned, and today, heavy with sleep

Silk Spinning Update

Still spinning silk for the Boukolos bracelets for the thiasos of the Starry Bull.These are meant to be twined black, white and red silk, for the priests. I’ve got enough of

Spider and Silkworm

I have started to work with new spirits lately. They aren’t ones that have sought me out, particularly, but ones whom I have found in my work, and am attempting to build

Three Sisters

Once there was a mother who had three young daughters. To her youngest daughter she handed a tuft of wool. “Pull it apart,” she said, and it pulled apart easily. “Now twist the