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Oh, Tumblr

I've started following more pagan/polytheist/witchy types on Tumblr. This may eventually turn out to be a bad idea, but for now it's interesting. There are a couple of themes I keep


Alraun I mentioned last year that I was interested in making an alraun, a root poppet in the shape of a person. Preferably, it grows into that shape, but it can be carved

Spinning Cobwebs

But no moonlight. But actual cobwebs. There was, across our front porch, a large and lovely orb web, which I insisted we leave there. Now it is abandoned, and today, heavy with sleep

Spider and Silkworm

I have started to work with new spirits lately. They aren’t ones that have sought me out, particularly, but ones whom I have found in my work, and am attempting to build

Blackberry Journal, plus Alrauns

I mentioned before that I might try developing a relationship with the invasive blackberry in my yard as a baneful plant. Well, this morning, when I woke up after not enough sleep and

De Capitem Draconis

Note: This entry is nearly three thousands words long, and actually pretty difficult to understand. Not so much because the ideas involved are tricky, just that they take a lot of explaining, and