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It's Here

I write, sometimes, in entries I never post, about my insomnia, and what happens when my sleep pills (which I take almost every night) don’t work. I’ll take my usual half-pill

Delays and problems

Personal matters have badly delayed… well, everything in my life. Some of it miserable, some of it potentially very good for the future. We’ll see. Anthesteria… did not go as expected. For

Anthesteria Begins

The cherry trees are starting to bloom, and the full moon is tomorrow, so my Anthesterion starts today. I don’t have the resources to do buy all the wine and flowers I’

(Not) Anthesteria

Stricter recons than I will ever be celebrated Anthesteria last week. There are some fantastic posts about it. Suz, Ariadne in Exile (three posts), and Dver’s four posts at A Forest Door.

Blending Traditions on the Solstice

Please pardon the poor quality. My camera's batteries died. Nativity scenes are A Thing in my family. Everyone has one. My favorite aunt gives them as presents the first Christmas after someone gets