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Restarting Yoga

I'm trying to start my yoga practice back up again. To aid me in that, I've been rereading my old yoga posts. In particular, the part in The Little Dance Your Body Does

Power in poses

I had, somewhere along the way during the time I wasn’t actively practicing anything, no witchcraft, no religion, also fallen out of the habit of grounding and centering in the Wiccan style.

Yoga and Charkha

Asana -- yoga poses -- are intended to be a preparation for meditation. I had been just doing simple, mind-clearing breathing meditation after my yoga video, but today I thought I'd get out

The Little Dance Your Body Does

I’m still working on getting a regular rhythm down for yoga, but I am getting in at least one full session with the video a week, and am trying to integrate the

Thesis and Antithesis of Yoga

Have written all of this about the Eight Limbs of Yoga, I kept researching and trying to understand, trying to contextualize, trying to integrate. I borrowed more books from the library, kept reading

Researching Yoga, Part the Third

Part the First Part the Second Again, the piece I keep referencing and am getting most of my information from is this one. I left off with Pratyahara, the fifth limb. The sixth