February 2, 2015

Teeny Tiny Triangles

Way back April, I talked about the esoteric possibilities of small triangle looms, weaving prayers or spells into small pieces. Well, I finally had a little cash and found a small tri-loom for under $15 <a href=https://www.etsy.com/shop/bigfam15?ref=pr_faveshops>on Etsy. (It was sold as a 4”, which is the length of the legs rather than the hypotenuse. Odd, the big ones are measured by the hypotenuse.) When it arrived, I grabbed some spare yarn from the stash (my sadly depleted stash: moths got in, but this was treated to keep them off), and dove in.

I ran through that skein in about a week, a week I was pretty sick, and not spending much time on fiber. The first several came out uneven and buckled, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly, and the later ones came out nice and even. By the end, a single triangle only took about five minutes.

I got thirty triangles out of the 100yd skein, plus a lot of cat-chewed scraps of yarn that I’m using to stitch the triangles together. It’s an interesting thing about the tri-looms: Each loop, which becomes both warp and weft, is the same length: the length of the hypotenuse of the triangle. You have as many loops as there are pegs on one leg of it. To get the total yardage for each triangle, no matter how large or small, you multiply the hypotenuse by the number of pegs. My little tri-loom (which has a 6” hypotenuse and 17 pegs) takes 102in, plus a 3in tail on each end to knot, or 108in, for a total of three yards per each. I measure the yarn a bit slack, and then you have to keep it under a certain amount of tension while weaving, so there’s usually a bit extra. Being able to measure and cut a hank of 3’ lengths means I don’t have to carry the whole skein and a pair of scissors if I want to go out and weave. Also good for airplane trips, where you still can’t take scissors on board in the US.

I’m working on writing specific prayers to use with this. I’ve started doing sets with the Purple Thread and Hyades prayers I wrote previously, but those are really designed around the rhythms of spinning, and the tri-loom definitely has a rhythm of its own. The idea, though, is to recite a prayer as I weave, making each piece a prayer of its own. I want to do a lunar month’s worth of prayers, then stitch the pieces together into a kind of prayer hanging. Not prayer hangings as my Hermes and Athene hangings are, which contains written prayers to be recited, but hangings that are made up of prayers, tangible works of dedication.

Once I’ve found a written rhythm that works for the tri-loom, I’ll start writing spells for it, too, for tangible, useable spellcraft (my favorite kind!). Scarves for health and healing, small afghans for protection and warmth and contentment, large family-sized blankets for togetherness and love, whatever I can think of.

I want to do a rainbow flag coverlet for Kate and I, with each color bearing a different spell for our little family.

I’m working up a whole how-to post on weaving on tri-looms, although there are several excellent ones out there already, and a project post for what I’m doing with the practice triangles I’ve made already.

My regular camera is out of commission, so it’s all phone pics for a bit. Sorry.