November 7, 2015

The Alphabelt Begins!

Since I want to do woven bands with Greek lettering, I need a reliable pattern for those letters. To work that out, I'm doing a band with the entire Greek alphabet, which will then be turned into a belt for a friend who's a Classics major.

Working this way means that each letter has to be undone and redone repeatedly, to correct mistakes and to refine the pattern. The alpha alone had to be woven six or seven times, and I had a splitting headache by the time it was done. I hope the rest isn't quite that difficult.

Project notes:

The waist the belt is for measures 36". I estimate the pattern will take up about 32-33", and am aiming for an overall length of 42-45".

The beginning of the belt has 1.5" of unpatterned weaving for the hem around the buckle, a 3-pick slit to accommodate the buckle tongue, and an additional 3" of unpatterned weaving before the lettering begins.

The draft is a basketweave pickup with 11 pattern threads in silver grey 3/2 pearl cotton, background of black in 5/2 pearl cotton. There's a border of 4 threads of black, 4 threads of blue 5/2 cotton, and another 2 threads of black before the 2 black threads that are the beginning of the pattern's ground. This gives an overall band width of 1".

Each letter will be separated by 2 picks of background-only, 2 picks of unpatterned weaving, and 2 more picks of background. I hope that the unpatterned picks will help with the tension problems I've had with pattern threads before.

Tension, my old enemy. We meet again. This time, I shall defeat you.