The Fable of the Tuft of Wool

weaving Apr 06, 2016

by Rebecca Lynn Scott

Once upon a time, there was a mother who had three daughters who quarreled all day long. So she sat them down and handed them each a tuft of wool and said, "Pull it apart." They did, and it was easy. It came apart in their fingers like a puff of cloud.

Then the mother took up her spindle and another tuft of wool, and spun it swiftly into good strong yarn, and said to her daughters, "Now, pull that apart." And it was much harder. "When you work together, you are stronger, just as fibers twisted together are stronger than loose ones."

She taught them all to spin. Leaving the youngest spinning, but telling her to watch because soon, this would be her work, too, she taught the elder two to weave. When they had a piece of fabric, she said to her daughters, "Now, try to pull that apart," and they could not, for the weaving was strong.

Leaving the middle daughter weaving, but telling her to keep watching because soon, this would be her work, too, she taught the eldest daughter to build a loom for herself. "Now you can all work together to make the cloth that cannot be torn," she told them.


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