January 14, 2014

The First Breath and the Last

The way various state governments in the US want to claim ownership of pregnant people's bodies is freaking me out. Women are being incarcerated for doing things while pregnant that other people don't like (including declining unneccessary medications), fetuses are being given legal representation while their bearers are not (see last link), people who seek abortions are being forced to undergo totally unneccessary procedures that do not even serve the purpose the pro-forced-birth lobby claims for them, lawmakers are trying to ban abortion through back doors like Targeted Restrictions of Abortion Providers (TRAP laws) and 20 week bans, and now a dead woman's body is being used as an incubator against her stated wishes and the wishes of her husband.

I am terrified. I have actual anxiety attacks and nightmares about this shit.

I can't afford to get a formal advance directive made out and formalized, but my wife knows my wishes, and so does my mother. My religious belief is that the soul enters the body with the first breath a baby takes and leaves with the last. I'm willing to stretch a point for CPR -- one human, sharing breath and spirit with another, to show their spirit the way back -- but ventilators and respirators are explicitly not ok with me, unless I am conscious and able to say otherwise.

My body is me, and to deny my wishes and my consent and take control of my body is to claim ownership of me. Yes, even if I'm dead.

I'm putting it down here because I'm very afraid of having my autonomy stolen.