January 31, 2021

The Little Aconite That Could

The Little Aconite That Could

So I like growing plants in my ritual room. One of the windows gets decent light, and it's nice to fill that window with morning glories. Last year, I tried growing a small poison garden in there, with bittersweet nightshade, yellow aconite (wolfsbane), deep purple morning glory, breadseed poppy, henbane, catnip, and moonflower (the datura). I had luck with some, and no luck with others,

Then the Aphids From Hell came back and ate everything in sight. They seriously must lay eggs somewhere I can't find or get to, and they're tenacious little bastards, none of the usual stuff touches them. Around October I gave up, switched off the plant light, and stopped watering the few things still there.

But this one aconite simply did not give up.

Look at it! Still alive! A new little sprout at the bottom! Even little buds on that long spindling stem. What in the world!

So tonight I took it outside, where it can get some water and at least a little light. I hope the cold won't do it in. I'll bring it in if there's supposed to be a freeze. We'll see what happens...