August 7, 2015

The Satyr Game

I haven’t done group ritual in years, so I haven’t had cause to remember it for some time, but this came up at the Filled With Frenzy bebakcheumenion ritual at Many Gods West this weekend. Sometimes it takes people a bit to let go and give in to the frenzy and the ecstasy, and I find this is a good way to help them. I learned this weekend that it's also a good way to redirect someone who's a little too far into it and has fixated on someone or something that's inappropriate.

I generally play the game as a maenad to a satyr, but both the game and those roles work well regardless of gender.

It's ever so simple. I come up to someone, hands out, and say "Dance with me!" They don't need to take my hands, just to dance. Move faster and faster, preferable whirling in circles. Then I suddenly say "Chase me!" and turn and run, laughing.

I had yet to have anyone fail to chase. Some instinct takes over, the unexpectedness of it surprises them into following, and before they know it, they've let go.

I generally run as far as I'm up for, then "stumble" and slow, grab hold of them as they grab hold of me, and start dancing again.