June 6, 2016

Things I have missed...

...doing, showing or talking about, while I was without internet at home.

It's back now, at least intermittently.

I have missed telling y'all about:
The death of my own laptop (now I have an account on my wife's and we swap it back and forth).
The first moonflower vine bloom.
The really cool social media giveaway Mirrix looms was doing.
Food planning for a retreat
Other small things.

Things I have missed doing:
The deadline for applying for that Mirrix giveaway. Oops.
Writing for this blog.
Actually weaving hardly anything -- I use Hex.Ink to keep me moving.

Things I have missed talking about:
The Worst Books Ever Written and other delights on Slacktivist.
Religion and madness on Bacchic Underground.
Social justice and goofiness and religion on Tumblr.
Anything at all with anyone other than school bureaucrats or my wife. ALL of my social life is online these days. Hopefully, getting out more for school will change that.