October 15, 2019

Tiny Gardens & Teleidoscopes & Kaleidoscopes

So I have a cold, and I had it all weekend and went to work yesterday and then ran too many errands on the way home, and couldn't sleep so I called in sick in the middle of the night and then only got 4 hours of sleep even though I stayed home because gunk in sinuses no matter what I take, so now I'm miserable and just waiting to go to my union organizing meeting. (deep breath) Stir crazy in the mean time.

My two obsessions to make me feel better while I'm sick are miniature gardens and teleidoscopes/kaleidoscopes. And all of them are trending toward religiomagical purposes, because me.

I got the idea yesterday to do a Halloween themed mini garden as office decor. I'd been fiddling with the idea for months, and finally decided to do it. I mentioned it to my manager, who's gotten into the decorating concept, and she liked it, and even suggested I put it in a jack o'lantern, which idea I love. So now I'm buying various things, mostly online, to do this with, including fall-colored succulents, a plaster haunted house (which needs painting), various gaming accouterments that seem good (ditto), and soforth.

Meanwhile, my head keeps throwing out more and more ideas for tiny gardens later. Like an Aletides (hanged maidens) one, a Toys of Dionysos one, and one with a Well, a Tree and a Snake.

In addition to the succulent site Mountain Crest Gardens, I have found Miniature Garden Shoppe so I can do something other than succulents. It has miniature ivy! Eeee!

And all of this gives me an excuse to buy MINIATURE THINGS, which I am discovering I have missed from my dollhouse days. Tiny things are cool!

And the other obsession also involves tiny things.

So, what's the difference between a teleidoscope and a kaleidoscope? Kaleidoscopes have a chamber with stuff in it, or wheels with color, or otherwise something that creates visual patterns to be multiplied by the mirrors inside. Teleidoscopes instead look out at the world for imagery. Often there's a lens or a glass sphere at the end to change the look of the world as well as the mirrors to multiple it.

Ever since I read Child of a Rainless Year by Jane Lindskold, I've been interested in the magical possibilities of both devices. Well, I finally have a bit of money to play with them. I've ordered a mini teleidoscope off Etsy, and a kaleidoscope kit off Amazon that will let me fill and refill the chamber. I'm interested to see what kinds of magical effects I can conjure up with different sets of bits and pieces, and of course the teleidoscope will likely be a useful consciousness-altering tool.

So I'm excited, with what little energy I have, about all of that.