December 12, 2016

What I Learned This Quarter (Fall 2016)

by Rebecca, age 39

I learned the basics of programming in C# (ITC110), including but not limited to:

  • How to write a console program
  • How to receive inputs and return outputs
  • How to use math operators
  • How to use selection, or if statements
  • How to do for, for each and while loops
  • How to populate an array and what to use it for
  • How to write and execute methods
  • How to write and execute classes
  • Some things about troubleshooting
  • The basics of how to create web forms using ASP.NET

I learned the basics of how to design databases in SQL Server, MySQL, and MongoDB, including but not limited to:

  • How to create a Requirements document
  • The basics of relational design
  • The basics of the first three normal forms
  • How to create an entry-relationship design model diagram
  • How to create a SQL database from an ERD
  • How to test a SQL database
  • The basics of what NoSQL is
  • How to create a MongoDB database

We also covered some things in Database Design class that I already knew:

  • How to create a database using SQL
  • How to populate a database using SQL
  • How to write queries using SQL
  • How to create inner join queries in SQL

I learned a lot of scattered things in Operating Systems and Development Environments:

  • How to research and write a white paper
  • What a virtual machine is
  • The uses and history of virtual machines
  • Some online virtual machines, including Cloud 9 and Amazon Web Services
  • The basics of Git and Github
  • Some things about licensing, closed- and open-source
  • The basics of agile development, scrum, and kanban
  • What stacks and frameworks are
  • About software testing and test-driven development

I learned a huge amount this quarter, and enjoyed most of it.