August 28, 2015

What the Dead Want

I've been having very poor sleep this week. Even with sleeping pills, waking up after only three or four hours, being stuck awake no matter what I do until past noon, then falling asleep again for five to seven more.

I think perhaps I've been taking too many sleeping pills, and it's having a weird effect on my dreams. Because after I got up in the early evening, I got very tired again only a few hours later, and so came up to bed. This time I took no pills. (I've been taking pills at night, when I want to be sleeping, but not during the day, when I'd prefer to nap more briefly.)

And I slept, and I dreamt vividly.

The end of August is coming, and the Dead have said what it is that they want, as offering, as part of my service. On the last day of August, around sunset, I should go to a graveyard, make offerings of food (they want cookies), and of wine and milk and honey, and I should read a large chunk of the Litany to the Dead. Not all of it, it would take me an hour alone, but the verses that fit best, that cover as many dead as I can at once.

I should maybe try sleeping without pills more often, but the new sleep meds take so long to work that it's difficult. Still, something to keep in mind.