January 21, 2022

Whither next?

So I guess I have it down. What now? I mean, keep practicing it, sure, but... do I stop playing with memory palace techniques? Do I pick sometime new?

I've been considering Anthony Metivier's book How To Learn and Memorize Greek Vocabulary, but I want the ebook, and just at the moment, we're having trouble getting things off Kindle to use for ourselves. So now I'm considering an alternative.

I've fiddled with geomancy in the past. I don't have a hard time learning the figures, there's only 16 of them, but the two charts are harder. So maybe I'll do that, and since the Houses chart is based on astrology, maybe I'll even learn a little of that.

I'm trying to set up time with Andrew B Watt to do our second interview, but things are a little up in the air on his end at the moment, so it'll have to wait a few days. Which is fine.

After Andrew's podcast airs, I might even try to put together a reasonably nice video of me singing the Hymn and post it. We shall see. I'm very insecure about my singing, but what the hell.

This barely qualifies as an entry. Sorry.