February 9, 2018

Woven wards on an inkle loom

Woven wards on an inkle loom

I badly needed to reward my house, and decided to try something new, something in more accord with my current practices. Here's what I came up with.

I did this on an inkle loom, but you could use the same basic principle for card weaving, or adapt it for other kinds of weaving. This one works best with a warp-faced weave, but a balanced weave would work as well.

Step one: Cut a yard or more of warp thread in a protective color (I used wine red) for each window and external door to your living space. Include skylights. Consider including wall mirrors. I didn't, but I have other ways of guarding those. I cut 19 red warps. Any fiber is suitable for this, but natural fibers are best.

Step two: Leave your entryway warps on/near/at each window or door, or as close as you can get. (My skylight in my bathroom is way too high for me to get at, so I ended up hanging the warp from a shower curtain hook, as the closest I could get.) Leave them there at least overnight.

Step three: Cut eight warp threads of the same length of thread that is either the color of your external walls, or white or black as a neutral.

Step four: Leave two of these at each of the four corners of your living space or property. (If you have more corners, do more threads.) Again, at least overnight.

Step five: Measure out a bunch of weft thread of whatever color you like. Take it around to each of your gods and spirits, and ask them to bless it and grant their protection through it. (If you're a purely secular magic worker, imbue it with protective intention.)

Step six: After you've left the warps in their places for however long, collect them. Warp your loom as usual, tying each piece together, with the wall threads making borders on the outsider of your piece.

Step seven: Weave, keeping in mind the intention of binding all entrances and walls of your home together in a protective net, connected by the blessings of your gods and spirits (or not). Weave as much of the warp as you can manage.

Step eight: When you get to the end of the usable warp, remove it from the loom, trim the ends to 1" - 1.5", and tie them into tassels using more of the weft thread. Tie them firmly, as this delineates the final boundary of the wards.

Keep this symbol of your wards in a safe place, and every lunar month or so, take it out and dedicate it to this purpose again.