April 18, 2016

Writing Ritual

So I'm planning a retreat with some friends for this summer, and somehow I and two others got voluntold to write the main ritual. Um. OK.

I, at least, have only ever helped to plan a ritual in a significantly larger group of planners, with people who are able to get and keep the ball rolling on the planning itself. This new thing is a little bit nerve wracking. It took a while for us to get rolling, and since there was community drama going on, silence from my writing partners kicked off my anxiety a bit. We got over than, and slowly built up a head of steam.

It's a fascinating process. I've been throwing out images and phrases that have power, one writing partner has been keeping us focused on the purpose of the ritual, and the third has been good at finding methods. I think we're making a good team, now that we're rolling. But the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and we won't know for sure how good a job we've done until the ritual's performed.