January 27, 2014

Yoga and Charkha

Asana -- yoga poses -- are intended to be a preparation for meditation. I had been just doing simple, mind-clearing breathing meditation after my yoga video, but today I thought I'd get out the charkha and do a little spinning. I haven't had it out in at least a couple of weeks, and haven't used it regularly in over a month, but after doing yoga, I had fewer problems than I normally do after a long break, got less frustrated at the problems I did have, and got more out of it as meditation.

None of which is even slightly surprising, of course. It's a technique that's thousands of years old, and I used it in exactly the way it's intended to be used, and got exactly the results I was supposed to get.

I've been meaning to try doing trance work following yoga, to see if it makes induction easier, and now I want to even more. The only problem I can see is that I'm always so hungry after yoga, I'm worried that my stomach would distract me. I might take up a piece of fruit or something very simple to eat.